Building for web3 via NFTs and blockchain applications.

METONYMY MACHINE GmbH (aka Metonymy Studios) is a Media and Technology Company focused on web3, NFTs and decentralized Blockchain Applications.

We have founded Germany's first NFT Launchpad EveryNFT.meempowering international Artists & Brands in web3 and creating value for Holders through Art, Storytelling and Technology.

As of December 2022, we are raising a Seed Round for our "Utility Superpower Layer". To learn more about our Seed Round, please get in touch with us.

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Web3 and The Metaverse

NFT Launchpad via EVERYNFT.mE -  BLOCKCHAIN & NFT Infrastructure - Market Strategy

METONYMY MACHINE GmbH is an innovative Media Company and NFT native Startup focused on NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) and decentralized Blockchain Applications with the goal to become the Epicenter of NFTs in Europe.

We have founded Germany's NFT Launchpad supporting Artists & Brands to launch their NFT project and create value to Holders through Art, Storytelling and Utilities.

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Our NFT Collectibles for the Metaverse

Mad Scientists

The Mad Scientists are unique cryto artworks with over 200 hand-drawn illustrated features.NFT as digital assets. The Mad Scientists live on the blockchain and are pinned to IPFS. This mean that they will always be accessible. The owner of the NFT will not only hold the art but is also entitled to the use of commercial rights (except for TV/Cinema). Is our strong belief to put "Community first". Owning a Mad Scientist will put you in the middle of a vivid and open community to everyone. As a team we are commited to build a strong and long lasting project with collaborations, airdrops and future functionalities. To be fully transparent on the roadmap we have created a Notion page that will be announced in the next days. You can also join us in Discord and discuss many upcoming step directly with us.


They don't want to stay dead. They have come out of their graves hungry for brains, their teeth rotten and their flesh full of maggots... But! Before they were dead, they were alive. And they lived their time, they loved and hated and had their tastes for what they were enthusiastic about. Who wouldn't? They had varied tastes, from rap music to Lovecraft novels, through Nouvelle Vague, the grunge wave, splatterpunk, science-fiction and... well: who can only like one thing? Kvlt Zombies is the great mix of popular culture that we all carry within us, a landmark of references and homages to what has accompanied us -and accompanies us- in our lives. Music, cinema, literature, sports, fads... Thanks to the random generation, all these references are mixed in the craziest way possible... and in zombie mode! Kvlt Zombies is a love letter to all those things that have helped us to make life more fun and entertaining... Even in death!


Our Cyclops are 2D NFTs on ETH Mainnet
but they will be accompanied by Sandbox Ready
Voxel files. We will launching the Cyclops in November.

What happened to the Quarterback from the Class of '99? That was the question that started everything.

Inspired by the moods of John Hughes Films such as "Ferries Buellers' Day Off" or "The Breakfast Club" and
with a touch of gore and brutality of a Tarantino, Rodriguez or Romero Film suddenly the idea of the Cyclops were born!


Coming December 2021.


Hackers are going to disrupt the NFTs as you know. A female only project in artistic partnership with Gizem Winter.

Coming January 2022.





Co-Founder & Managing Partner


Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Fritz & Cem bring each more than 15 years of experience and reputation from their work in the media & creative industry.


Ethereum is currently the largest smart contract blockchain in the world with enormous network effects and it has become the premier choice for developers, exchanges, institutions and NFT creators. It has enormous ecosystem support and even regulators are very familiar with Ethereum (and Bitcoin) and how to work with it. That is why we are mainly working on ETH Mainnet, on Polygon and are also entering the world of IMX as the first Layer2 technology helping to scale NFTs. Starting May 2022 all of our projects will have the a Omnichain Protocol on the baseline of the smart-contract enabling holders to transfer any NFT on Polygon or Avalanche to transfer to ETH Mainnet or the other way around.






Mad Scientist Shirt

€ 39.00 EUR


Mad Scientists Mug

€ 19.00 EUR




Science Week — Mad Scientists on ETH Mainnet.

January 30, 2022


Cyclops Roadmap

January 30, 2022


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