A metaverse company from Berlin

METONYMY MACHINE GmbH is an innovative Media Company and NFT native Startup focused on NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) and decentralized Blockchain Applications with the goal to become the Epicenter of NFTs in Europe.

Our Approach

NFT Creation

Collaborative projects with Artists, Brands & NGOs.

Technical Infrastructure

Development & deployment of Smart Contracts and Interfaces for the blockchain.

Market Strategy & Regulation

Positioning within the broader NFT community and reaching target audiences.

Non Fungible Token. A new creator economy.

Artists, Galleries, Brands, NGOs & Founders – We Love To Meet You.

In collaborations with renowned artists* from all over the world, we conceive and produce exciting NFT projects, implement the necessary technical infrastructure on the web and on various blockchains, and build communities on socials to enable „onboarding“ into the fascinating world of NFTs.

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Current Projects


trying to build a time-machine.
  • Backstory development of Mad Scientists. We really want to figure out how and why our scientists couldn’t build a proper time machine. There is an entire universe of technical and philosophical aspects connected to this question that we want to elaborate. Of course always with a fun twist. The backstory will be essential for many future artworks, airdrops and developments. From our large network of screenwriters in the film industry we are going to create a small writer’s room to work on all of these aspects.
  • Charity. No matter what percentage of the drop actually sells we will donate 5% to charities supporting education of children. We actually do love science and are aware that our future relies on not so mad scientists! You can participate with Charity suggestions in our Discord.
  • Create the Brand. We believe that Mad Scientists will be a frontrunner brand beyond the NFT space. We will push the brand with Logo, Merch, brand-collabs and further steps forward.
  • Create an Animation Short Film. Picture Mad Scientists Journey with their time machine and everything they were trying to build in an Animation Film. As the core of our team is coming from filmmaking & 2D/3D design we will put together a top notch team to move on with this step. Let us create a short film first, and use that to pitch streaming services & co. If a long form animation film is being produced, we will make sure that NFT holders will be participated financially. Those steps will be open for discussion as we evolve.
  • Merch. We will develop some dope „science“ merch. Things you can actually use if you are a college student or a child. We really see a great future for the brand „Mad Scientists“.
  • Mad Scientist Links



    Class Reunion.
  • The main question we had in mind was „What happened to the Quarterback from the Class of 99?“ A question that lead us to the main theme of a CLASS Reunion. Inspired by the moods of John Hughes Films such as „Ferries Buellers‘ Day Off“ or „The Breakfast Club“ and with a touch of gore and brutality of a Tarantino, Rodriguez or Romero Film suddenly the idea of the Cyclops were born!
  • Charity. No matter what percentage of the drop actually sells we will donate 5% to charities supporting combat of blindness and fighting blinding diseases in underprivileged communities! NFT Community has the power to change life. Our Cyclops seem tough, but they have a heart.
  • Class Reunion Berlin. London. New York. The centre of our journey are the CYCLOPS and the Class Reunion. Who does not love a Class Reunion?! We will organize Conference-Like-Events for CYCLOPS NFT Holders in Berlin, New York & London. Cyclops NFT Holders can RSVP (to a reduced fee to cover costs only) and there will some great networking possibilities to take the Cyclops beyond NFTs to discuss the roadmap and future branding mechanics together.
  • Cryptovoxel & Decentraland. We will purchase exclusive land for Cyclops to organize regular events. There will also some Metaverse Cyclops apparel. This will be our entry point to the Metaverse.

    CYCLOPS Links

    Upcoming Projects

    Our collaborations will continue to create KVLT Zombies, HIPSTERS CLUB and the Hackers NFT collection. All three collection will be available some time in November.